College of Medical Qigong

One Mission   |   Two Paths

Ancient Healing Arts Made Accessible 


Professional Certification

Designed for the working clinical professional, our Certification Program provides the highest caliber of Medical Qigong training to healthcare and wellness practitioners.  Whether aspiring to greater efficacy and range within a current practice, or seeking new frontiers - we provide the education that is shaping the holistic medicine leaders of tomorrow.

  • The most comprehensive training available - learn concrete theory, principles, and mechanics of the most arcane and esoteric concepts.

  • Intensive style seminars provide flexibility for the professional, and are taught by working clinical professionals.

  • Elevate your current practice, or begin a new path with this remarkable approach to healthcare.

Self Mastery Through Qigong

Personal Cultivation

The secret cultivation arts of Medical Qigong are now available for personal cultivation  through our Self  Mastery Series.  Harness the profound knowledge of ancient medicine and wellness and experience energetic advancement and emotional freedom.  Through carefully explained theory, experiential Daoyin (exercises), and meditations you can truly become the mastery of your own life.

  • Learn ancient health secrets to longevity and vitality!

  • Thorough and compassionate training by a Master Instructor

  • Small class sizes ensure individualized instruction and attention.

  • This curciulum, previously unavailable to the public, is now available to those interested in living a healthful, vibrant, and mindful life.


I would recommend learning Medical Qigong to EVERYONE, regardless of whether or not an individual desires to become a practitioner. Qigong is transformational. Students will gain awareness, peace and better health. Michael’s style of teaching is thorough and can be understood by anyone, from any background. Michael is patient and works with the student until the lesson is learned. Best teacher I have encountered in all my years of training.
— Debra Hoover (Washington D.C.)