Why Red Thread

Knowledge of Teaching

Possessing a body of knowledge, and having the ability to effectively transmit it are not necessarily mutually dependent. This is why we  firmly believe in embodying the knowledge we have, so that we can skillfully pass it on to our students to do the same in their practice.

Understanding the importance of being able to implement the knowledge learned, extensive ongoing efforts and training are utilized, investigating every aspect of our curriculum.  In the process of effectively imparting this knowledge to students, considerations and methodologies have been realized that allow students of all learning styles to excel and flourish in our programs.

We continually receive feedback from students of diverse backgrounds that this education felt individually tailored.

Understanding & Embodiment

Of course, knowing how to teach something is most effective when you actually know what it is you are trying to teach.

And we have gone to extraordinary lengths in breaking down and examining all aspects of our training to arrive at the most comprehensive understanding possible.  Exploration of  both tangible and intangible results provides the basis of unparalleled understanding, as well as the inspiration to never cease the pursuit of further refinement and embodiment of the material.

We are passionate in the belief that both education and medicine are life long pursuits of service, and to that end we are always redefining, and refining the best curriculum available.

Requiring Student Integrity

Sure,  sometimes just showing up makes all the difference in the world.  We, however, expect more. Certification is not handed out with attendance - it is a recognition of a body of knowledge, and demonstrable skills that are earned.

Our student body is here to learn and become proficient within a profound body of knowledge, not just for CEU's or a weekend warrior workshop. There is accountability through ongoing  proficiency requirements as well as a comprehensive examination process.  

We do everything within our capacity to see that each student succeeds, and is challenged to excel.

Limited Enrollment

When it comes to such specialized training, individual instruction and guidance is paramount to success.  Small class sizes affords this unique attention, and also fosters strong cohesion within a cohort - encouraging the development of strong peer relationships that form as students, and continue as colleagues.

Our claim of small Qigong classes is not a marketing strategy of scarcity.  Only allowing a small number of students to enroll in any beginning course ensures the most thorough and individualized training available.

Hands-On Training

The era of instant information access is amazing and fascinating - and is proliferating to all aspects of life. However, it is not an effective way to learn this incredible information and the skills needed to utilize it.

Both theoretical concepts and practical applications can range from gross to extremely subtle; from pragmatic to sublime.  Immediate application of theory into applicable skills bridges the gap between intangible and tangible - facilitating a deeper understanding and comprehension. 

There is absolutely no replacement for proper instruction, and our students agree year after year, the most effective method is through direct, in person transmission.