Qigong Exercises

Qigong exercises, similar to the practices of Tai chi and Yoga, originate from a long lineage and tradition, that has multiple layers of depth. Unfortunately, like Yoga and Tai Chi, Qigong exercises for health are often taught on a superficial level, as just a form of physical exercise. We at Red Thread Institute are committed to teaching the depth of Qigong, implementing the practice on all levels: Jing (body), Qi (mind), and Shen (spirit). We offer extensive training and certification for those seeking to learn Medical Qigong as a treatment modality, from the Practitioner level (MQP), all the way up to the Doctorate level (DMQ). In addition we offer courses for those simply looking for self-health, or internal Qigong classes, which also emphasize the richness found in Qigong practices.

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Qigong exercises for health have a long record of practice. Historically the term Daoyin referred to the traditional Chinese practice of moving and guiding Qi in the body, now known as Qigong exercises. In the past Qigong training was a secret practice, only passed down from master to student. It was not until the 1950’s that internal Qigong exercises were brought to the public. Now Qigong is accessible to anyone interested in exploring this rich tradition. Properly practiced, Qigong exercises enrich lives, enabling people to feel better, improving their strength and balance, reducing pain, and relieving illness.

If you are a new or existing student of Qigong and looking to deepen your practice, both for yourself and in working with others clinically, utilizing Qigong exercises, we are here to help. You can find material about our program throughout our site, including pricing, certification levels, and detailed information about Medical Qigong. Contact us today to begin your journey!