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Are you seeking a Qigong class to further your knowledge in the practice of Medical Qigong? Red Thread Institute is a highly acclaimed program that specializes in Medical Qigong for both self-treatment (internal) and clinical (external) uses. We are not a casual weekend workshop program – our students come to us for in depth education in the practice of Medical Qigong. We offer certification at four levels: Practitioner (MQP), Therapist (MQT), Masters (MMQ), and Doctorate (DMQ). If you are ready to significantly expand your knowledge of Qigong and are wondering “where are the best Qigong classes near me,” we’re so glad you’ve found us.

Qigong Class

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We accept students from all over the world, as well as those coming from close by. We have Qigong classes at our institute for Internal (Health) and External (Clinical) Qigong practices. Our Inner Radiance series is a Qigong class for health practiced as a structured set and presented in a group setting, that you will experience discernible health benefits from.  We also offer a full curriculum of Qigong classes for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge in the clinical applications of external Qigong. Although we educate practitioners in both categories, we specialize in the latter, training excellence in clinical practitioners.

For a full course catalog and details about Qigong exercises and classes near you, please reach out to us anytime. Our contact information is available here on the site, along with details about admissions, tuition, and frequently asked questions. Whether you are just starting on your Qigong journey or are already well-established with patients in a clinical setting, you can benefit from a Qigong class at Red Thread Institute. Learn more here and get started today.