Qigong Certification

Red Thread Institute’s exceptional Qigong certification curriculum is a comprehensive Qigong program that covers four levels: Practitioner (MQP), Therapist (MQT), Masters (MMQ), and Doctorate (DMQ).  The first three levels each take one year to complete.

The Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) training is the entry level of the Qigong certification program. It sets the foundation for the theory and unique clinical applications of Medical Qigong. Students gain proficiency in clinical skills, self-care, energetic cultivation, and perceptual awareness.

Our second level, Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT), is a continuation of the MQP training. It builds upon the training of the first level and takes it deeper. The MQP Qigong program is designed to expand the understanding of foundational materials while introducing more advanced diagnostic and treatment skills.  

Chinese Energetic Medicine

Qigong Certification Program (click image)

The Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ), is the third level of Qigong certification. Here emphasis is given to refined comprehension of the complex relationship between the physical, emotional, and mental elements in treatment. A core component of this level is the student’s development of advanced diagnostic and treatment skills.

The most advanced level is the Doctorate of Medical Qigong (DMQ). The DMQ is a minimum of two years of study beyond the MMQ and involves additional requirements, as well as a doctoral thesis. Certification at this level recognizes a student’s highest achievement of Medical Qigong knowledge and skill.

At Red Thread Institute, we place emphasis on proper technique, and practical application of Medical Qigong theory. And while the program for Medical Qigong at our Institute is designed to train the best practitioners possible, it is not exclusive to clinicians. Any individual interested in advancing themselves personally, or clinically, is welcome to apply.