Medical Qigong Professional Certification


Ancient Healing Arts Made Accessible

Our comprehensive multi-level program, based in the esoteric teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine, imparts genuine knowledge with reproducible, practical skills.  Our curriculum takes you beyond simply adding more clinical techniques and strategies. We provide exceptional shifts in practice efficacy, while significantly  increasing your own well-being in the process.

  • Elevate Your Practice

    Learn quantifiable skills based in true knowledge that can be directly applied from the very first day class.  We specialize in making the mysterious and ineffable aspects of energetic medicine both practical and applicable.  Take your practice, regardless of modality, beyond the next level.

  • Experience "The Real Deal"

    If you are not ready for real change, you are in the wrong place.  This program is not designed for the "weekend warrior" crowd, nor the online instant-certificate.  With the most thorough  in-person training seminars available, we train the highest level of skilled practitioners, and the future leaders of Holistic Medicine.  No one who has begun this training emerges the same.

  • Embody The Finest Training 

    This is a time tested curriculum honored by the Chinese Ministry of Health,  taught by a master instructor who is a leader in the field.  This is what we do, and we live what we do. We are here to help you do the same.


"While there is no shortage of the 'feel good now' experience you might find elsewhere, this program far exceeds that experience. It is a rewarding investment in long term health - for both the practitioner, and their clinical practice"   - Maxwell Hauser (Denver, CO)


The Professional Certification Program

Medical Qigong Practitioner


The entry level to the training program, the 220 hour Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) training provides an exceptional foundation to the theory and unique applications of Medical Qigong Therapy.  

Medical Qigong Therapist


The 580 hour Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) expands foundational materials through advanced diagnostic skills and treatment strategies.  Specialized training addresses etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment of specific disease patterns.



The 1050 hour Masters of Medical Qigong (MMQ) certification emphasizes true comprehension and manifestation of the complex relationship between physical, emotional, and mental capacities.  The MMQ fosters the synthesis of knowledge to wisdom.



The 2000 hour Doctorate of Medical Qigong (DMQ) is the highest level of certification. Awarded to only the most outstanding and preeminent of clinician, this title denotes an achievement of excellence in skill and application. 

Each level of training is comprised of 5 intensive course seminars.

The first three levels of certification (MQP, MQT, MMQ) are comprised of four core didactic courses and one clinical seminar (i.e. Five seminar courses per level of certification). Certification levels also require external clinical hours and supplemental study. The courses are scheduled so that students may complete a level of certification (MQP, MQT, MMQ) within an academic year. The Doctorate of Medical Qigong (DMQ) certification is a minimum of two years study beyond the MMQ and includes extensive ancillary requirements. 

What makes our program different.

The benefits I’ve gained from the Medical Qigong training are immeasurable and mostly indescribable. Having practiced, and even taught, various forms of Qigong and Tai Chi for over twenty years, the depth of information in [Red Thread’s] training made me feel like I was a total novice at Qigong.
— Cindy Fatura (Novato, CA)

The Curriculum


The Medical Qigong training is a multi-level certification program designed to teach the theory and practical application of Medical Qigong Therapy.

Through academic coursework and hands-on experiential training, students effectively learn both personal cultivation and the clinical applications of Chinese Energetic Medicine.

At Red Thread Institute we emphasize individualized personal instruction that offers students a hands-on approach, allowing the 'energy' of Energetic Medicine to be a  quantifiable experience,  in an environment which stresses the analytic as well as intuitive approach to comprehension so that all learning styles may flourish and excel.

The curriculum for our program is the distilled synthesis derived from multiple medical universities, institutions, and hospitals throughout China.  Originally developed by the International Institute of Medical Qigong and The International College of Medical Qigong, our curriculum is fashioned after the Medical Qigong College at the Haidian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing.

The Chinese Ministry of Health honored this curriculum in 2005 as meeting the Chinese standards for academic and clinical instruction.  This was the first time a foreign Medical Qigong curriculum has been approved by the Chinese government (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education), and its academic standards and clinical protocols formally accepted by a Traditional Chinese Medicine University. 

The clinical standards and component of the curriculum are time tested by the Qigong Health & Science Department of the Xiyuan Hospital (Beijing, China).