Medical Qigong Practitioner

The joy of the MQP training is to awaken to the "mysterious wonders" ( xuanmiao)  of Qigong.

The joy of the MQP training is to awaken to the "mysterious wonders" (xuanmiao) of Qigong.

An exceptional foundation to the theory and unique clinical applications of Medical Qigong, The Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) training is the entry level of the certification program.  In addition to clinical skills, students are educated in self-care, energetic cultivation, and perceptual awareness.

Emphasis is placed on proper technique for the practical application of theoretical concepts. This approach fosters comprehension through integration, achieving lasting and tangible results.   The outcome of this training is palpable, and often cathartic for students; challenging perceptions and redefining possibilities of personal health.  

While the program is designed to train the best practitioners available, it is not exclusive to clinicians.  Many have found Medical Qigong an excellent enhancement to other healing modalities, and others have taken the program for personal enrichment. Any individual with an interest is welcome to apply.


“The Medical Qigong Practitioner training has changed my understanding of the world in which we live, and our potential in it... learning how to connect with, and utilize that energy changes everything.” — Lisa O. (Orinda, CA)

Practitioner Level Coursework:

The Medical Qigong Practitioner program consist of 220 hours that span five progressive intensive style course modules and includes external clinical hour requirements.

  • P1 Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy

    The first course of the MQP Program provides foundational understanding of Medical Qigong Therapy and serves as a framework for progressive energetic development. Students are introduced to practical applications that promote health and vitality of body, mind, and spirit. Although designed as the entry point of the Certification Program, P1 is exceptional as a stand alone course, providing students with profound shifts in awareness, understanding, and health.

  • P2 Medical Qigong Diagnostics & Treatment

    The second course builds upon the training of P1, introducing detailed diagnostic parameters as well as further exploring the potentials of both Qi emission and perception. Advanced shengong meditations are taught to foster development of clinical skill sets and facilitate expansion of student awareness. The basis for clinical methodology is established in this course, providing the opportunity for students to work with patients.

  • P3 Foundations of Clinical Qigong

    The third course examines the treatment principles of Medical Qigong through clinical observation and diagnostics of energetic pathologies. Training includes skills of Qi extension, vibration, and advanced emission techniques. Medical Qigong massage, tissue regulation, sound and color projection theory and application are discussed. Emphasis is given to guiding the student in establishing a clinic through practical and ethical considerations for the Qigong Practitioner.

  • P4 Treatment of Internal Disease Patterns

    The fourth academic course of the Practitioner level emphasizes the understanding and diagnosis of internal disease patterns as they manifest within the systems of the body. Treatment strategies, prescription exercises, and meditations are taught through the lens of Medical Qigong Therapy. All previous material is profoundly enriched with the addition of depth building Nei Gong.

  • C1 Clinical & Competency Exams

    Culmination of the practitioner level, this course includes written and practical examinations, clinical theater, and supervised clinical components. Students receive direct feedback working within the classroom and with actual patients to achieve the skills and confidence necessary to successfully establish a clinical practice.

Small class sizes allow for personalized instruction, empowering our students to excel.

Small class sizes allow for personalized instruction, empowering our students to excel.

MQP Certification Program 

Breakdown by hours

220 hours

Academic Hours
[140 total]

35  P1
35  P2
35  P3
35  P4

Clinical Hours
[80 total]

45  Internship
15  Site clinic
15  Exams
  5  Clinical theater

Certification is awarded upon completion of program requirements (including competency exams) and qualifies students for the Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) certification program.