Master of Medical Qigong 

Connection. Realization. Empowerment. Revelations of the MMQ are limitless.

Connection. Realization. Empowerment. Revelations of the MMQ are limitless.

The 1050 hour Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) certification program emphasizes a greater comprehension and manifestation of the complex relationship between the physical, emotional, and mental capacities.  

Development of highly advanced diagnostic and treatment skills is a core component of the curriculum, in addition to specialized course work in approaches to Oncology and Spiritual disorders.  

Graduates of the MMQ program are prepared for a lifetime of exploration and mastery - in both clinical applications as well as personal cultivation.  These students help set the standards of clinical excellence.


Masters Level Coursework:

The Masters of Medical Qigong program consist of  five progressive intensive style course modules and also includes external academic and clinical  hour requirements.

  • M1 Chinese Energetic Alchemy

    The 'Three Treasures' class, this first course of the Masters program delves deep into Daoist influences of internal and external alchemical process as they pertain to the practice of medicine. Through the tangible, subtle, and sublime interactions of the natural elements, celestial bodies, and other observable influences on the energetic structures of the body, esoteric understanding is explored in relationship to health and healing. Advanced cultivation and meditation techniques are discussed and applied to the existing body of knowledge available to the students of this level.

  • M2 Energetic Anatomy and Physiology

    Exploration into the physiological phenomena inherent within the systems of thought that serve as basis for Chinese Energetic Medicine, a significantly deeper understanding of the body as microcosm of the macrocosm is explored. In addition to advanced training in enhanced intuitive skills, students explore topics that include prenatal and postnatal patterning, cellular vibration, advanced work with vital substances, energetic fields, the five principle energies, zang fu, and applied channel theory.

  • M3 Medical Qigong Approaches to Oncology

    This course prepares students for working with patients diagnosed with severe and terminal illness, with specific attention given to individuals that have been diagnosed with varying forms of cancer: Skin, Bone, Lung, Colon, Liver, Pancreatic, Stomach, as well as Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma, and Lymphoma. Topics also include discussion of the Medical Qigong approaches to working with surgical patients, individuals undergoing organ transplants, amputations, and protocols for dealing with scar tissue.

  • M4 Medical Qigong Treatment for Spiritual Disorders

    The fourth seminar module of the Masters program investigates and prepares students for working directly within the formless elements of Medical Qigong Therapy and practice. Beyond understanding of the the subject matter, students are taught procedure for practitioner and clinical safety as well as applicable skill sets for working with various spiritual disorders. Topics include entities, physic attacks, death and dying, as well as oppression and possession of spirit (Shen Disorders).

  • C3 Clinical Theater and Competency Exams

    The Clinical module for MMQ Certification, this course includes written and practical examinations, clinical theater, and supervised indvidual clinical components. Students receive direct feedback working within the classroom and with actual patients to achieve the skills and confidence necessary to successfully establish a clinical practice.

Master of Medical Qigong  Santa Rosa Ca

““Wow... Profound. Red Thread’s Qigong training quickly clarifies what is no longer necessary. Thank you!” — Lauri (Santa Fe, NM)

MMQ Certification Program 

Breakdown by hours

1050 hours

Academic Hours
[815 total]

580 MQT Program
  35 M1
  35 M2
  35 M3
  35 M4
  50 Adv. TCM Theory
  35 Movement / Martial
   10 BLS/CPR First Aid

Clinical Hours
[235 total]

200  Internship
  15  Site clinic
  15  Exams
    5  Clinical theater

Certification is awarded upon completion of program requirements (including competency exams) and qualifies students to apply to the Doctorate of Medical Qigong Certification (DMQ) program.