Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is an ancient body of knowledge, traditionally passed down from master to student in a long lineage. In our modern age, we must now seek out those skilled teachers to learn the art of Qigong healing and training from.

We at Red Thread Institute believe that having a body of knowledge, and also having the ability to effectively transmit it, are not necessarily the same. Which is why we  firmly believe in embodying the knowledge we have. It is only through our own thorough comprehension that we are able to  skillfully teach our students to do the same in their practice of Medical Qigong.

Medical Qigong Treatment

Recognizing how important it is to be able to impart the knowledge of Medical Qigong to our students, we examine every aspect of our curriculum on an ongoing basis, always looking to hone and refine our program.  We are continually looking for effective ways to convey the knowledge of Qigong healing and training, so that  students of all learning styles will excel and flourish in our programs. Of course, knowing how to teach something is most effective when you actually know what it is you are trying to teach. As such, we emphasize understanding as well as the embodiment of Medical Qigong.

We have worked very hard, breaking down and examining all aspects of our training, to arrive at the most comprehensive understanding possible. We are passionate in the belief that both education and medicine are life long pursuits of service, and to that end we are always redefining, and refining the best Medical Qigong curriculum available.