Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can you send me more information about your program?

Certainly we can send you more information. You can also click any of the following links to pages on our website: For instance, The Curriculum page will give you a glance at the entire certification process with even more links to detailed information about classes and requirements. The Calendar page will provide answers about class dates, and give you an idea of program timelines. The next beginning cohort is listed on the Current Classes page - once there, click on a thumbnail, or course title for more info. You can also click directly to information on Admissions and Tuition, where you can go ahead and download an Application Packet which includes a program overview, beginning class descriptions, and information on dates and tuition costs. If you still have questions, or just want to say hello, you can always Contact Us via email or telephone. Oh, we almost forgot, if you keep scrolling down the page, you are likely to find some other helpful answers to questions you might have.

+ So, what is Qigong?

Qigong as a generalized concept, is a mind-body practice that integrates physical postures, coordinated breathing, and focused intention. Although rather modern in terminology, in practice Qigong is recognized as the energetic branch of the oldest, continuously practiced medicine of record. Learn more about Qigong.

+ What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong as a clinical modality is differentiated by a diagnostic structure that is rooted in the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine. The term 'Medical Qigong,' however, has become quite broad in contemporary application and with some searching you will find numerous variations and sub-classifications. Internal (Health) and External (Clinical) Qigong practices are common delineations. Qigong practiced as a structured set, often presented in a group setting (Internal or Health), has obvious and discernible health benefits. However, if you are seeking relief or resolution of a specific issue, you may want to seek out a properly trained clinical professional that can provide treatment designed with that specific diagnosis in mind. Although we educate practitioners of both categories, we specialize in the latter, training excellence in clinical practitioners.

+ How is the Certification Program structured?

There are four levels of certification: Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP), Therapist (MQT), Masters (MMQ), and Doctorate (DMQ). Each level of certification is taught in an intensive seminar module format. The first three levels of certification (MQP, MQT, MMQ) are comprised of four core didactic modules and one clinical module (i.e. Five courses per level of certification). Certification levels also require external clinical hours and some adjunct study. The course modules are scheduled so that students may complete a level of certification (MQP, MQT, MMQ) within an academic year. The DMQ certification is a minimum of two years study beyond the MMQ and includes extensive ancillary requirements. You can view the requirements for each level of the certification process by clicking on the level of study on our Certification Program Page.

+ What does the Certification Program cost?

Tuition is billed at $42 a credit (actual contact) hour. Each Five day intensive module is 35 hours, and therefore has a tuition of $1470 (USD). Tuition payment is structured as such to allow students to progress through the program on their own timeline. We do offer a 10% tuition discount incentive to those who wish to enroll and pay for a level of certification in a single payment. Registration discounts are available to beginning students who apply by the early registration deadline for their intended cohort. Check our Calendar for the next P1 course and corresponding registration deadlines. You can view our Addmissions and Tuition page for more info.

+ How long does it take to become certified?

The program is designed to allow students to progress through each level of certification (MQP, MQT, MMQ) over the course of a year. As information is integrated and skill sets assimilated at varying degrees, some students may elect to take courses over a greater timeline, based on what they feel is most appropriate. An expedited timeline, or accelerated study program is not promoted or recommended as content integration periods are essential, and generally appreciated by most students. You can get a feel for the average timeline by viewing the current schedule on our Calendar Page.

+ Is this right for me?

Well, we can't really answer that one for you. In fact, we might even begin an attempt to answer with another question: How do you feel about the statement, 'Learn to heal yourself, and thus assist others'? And just maybe, 'What does personal cultivation mean to you'? We truly believe in the mission of helping people heal and grow so that they can then help others in return. Generally, those that come into the program with an interest in personal cultivation do well with the curriculum. If you are interested in a particular aspect of training and are not sure if we are a good fit, give us a call or send an email and we will do our best to help you figure that out. We are happy to point you in the right direction as we do not operate under a guise or strategy of scarcity - rather, we are genuinely glad to help students find the right program and most appropriate teacher.

+ How do I start? Are there prerequisites?

The program begins with the course P1: An Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy. Although each course is a discrete module, experience has shown that P 1 and then P 2 taken in succession provides students the foundational skills necessary for the highest level of success. Although the program is designed with the clinical practitioner in mind, there is no specific prerequisite course work required. The first step is to download an application and return it well before the registration deadline of the cohort in which you wish to be enrolled. The next available P 1 course can be found on our current classes page, or by looking at our academic calendar page.

+ Do you offer online training?

Nope. However fascinated we are by the technological marvels of the current era, we have an even deeper appreciation for the time honored methods of transmission that have existed for thousands of years. And beyond waxing poetic about ancient ways, there is the very practical reality that certain things can only be achieved by certain means. As example, a teacher to student structural adjustment (a fundamental, and absolutely essential component to the training), may only require a modification measured in centimeters (or less!) and would be indiscernible without a literal hands-on helping hand. How do you 'Skype' or 'Zoom' something like that? There is a plethora of amazing things you can learn online, we just do not believe this medicine is one of them. We are invested in maintaining excellence within instruction, and producing the highest caliber of practitioner. We do not take any shortcuts to that end.

+ I took classes somewhere else, can I transfer credit?

Red Thread Institute maintains reciprocity with and acknowledges instructors and/or organizations that uphold the integrity of the ICMQ curriculum. All coursework that follows the structured curriculum is eligible for consideration of credit transfer. Final decision of all transferable credits are evaluated on a case by case basis.

+ Do you offer housing?

At this time, Red Thread Institute does not offer on-site housing options. Our training facility is located adjacent to several neighborhoods in which students may find affordable private housing options. There are many nearby hotels, several of which are within walking distance.

+ Do you offer financial assistance or loans for tution costs?

At this time, Red Thread Institute does not participate in the Federal Student Aid Program, nor are we able to provide Institute based loan programs. In an effort to see all students succeed, tuition payment plan options are available for qualified students that demonstrate need.

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