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S3: Alchemy | Dallas

  • DALLAS, TX United States (map)

S3: Alchemy


Medical Qigong For Personal Cultivation

Self Mastery Series

Dallas, TX

March 1-3
Tuition: $599
What’s Included: This course does not include food or lodging

Registration Deadline: 02/15/19

Prerequisite: S1: Immersion, S2 The Dive

Class size is limited. Should the class fill before the registration deadline, we will close registration. 

*Please note that Tuition is due in full, 2 weeks prior to the seminar (by the registration deadline).

The culmination of this three part series, S3: Alchemy explores the arcane secrets of alchemical Self Cultivation.  Renowned for their trainings in vitality and longevity, Daoists developed specific exercises and meditations for expanding both the quality as well as the longevity of life. In this course you will experience some of these extraordinary techniques.

Alchemy brings you advanced training in harmonizing the energies of the body.  Through this remarkable course you will gain a deeper connection to environmental energies, and develop a greater “root” in body, and in life. The secret to achieving, and more importantly, to maintaining presence and centeredness will be made yours.

The Self Mastery cultivation practice that you will carry forth from here will continue to deepen and transform — and truly last a lifetime!