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CM1: Foundational Theory

  • Live Online Webinar United States (map)

CM1: Foundational Theory


TCM Theory For The Medical Qigong Practitioner


Wednesdays | 8 Weeks
11am-2pm PST [12-3pm MST/ 1-4pm CST/ 2-5pm EST]

Start Date: September 4th
End Date: October 30th

*NO CLASS 10/9*

Tuition: $900
What’s Included: 8 Weeks of Live Webinar training (3hr course blocks). Comprehensive Text/Notes Are Provided. Enrolled students will have access to recordings of live course blocks.

This course covers the foundational theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and its relationship to the practice of Medical Qigong.

Why do I need this course?

The Chinese Medicine theory studied and applied by Medical Qigong Practitioners, though similar, differs in some regards to the theory understood through the lens of TCM. This course bridges that gap, and rounds out the Qigong student’s understanding of Chinese Medicine Theory.

You will gain a more robust understanding of the involved theory and leave with an expanded knowledge base, lexicon, and assessment/protocol skillset. All of which will greatly enrich and deepen your clinical practice.

This class is a prerequisite for CM2: Advanced Theory & Applications.

What is covered?

This course builds the solid foundation for advanced theory and application. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Historical context of theoretical differences (TCM/Qigong)

  • Yin/Yang Theory

  • Wu Xing Theory

  • Vital Substances

  • Zang Fu Theory and Applications

  • Channel Theory

  • Diagnostic Parameters

Who Is teaching?

This course is taught by our master instructor Dr. Michael Sean Sweeney. Dr. Sweeney is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and well as a Doctor of Medical Qigong. His expertise and fluency of both approaches to Chinese Medicine allows for a comprehensive approach that is difficult to find anywhere else.