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Golden Ball Qigong

Golden Ball Qigong Workshop

Golden Ball Qigong

Saturday 1/28

1 - 4:30pm
Tuition: $120

A perennial favorite, Golden Ball Qigong rejuvenates and harmonizes - leaving you feeling vital and yet tranquil.  This set is gentle and easy to incorporate into daily life as a means toward maintaining a calm, balanced state -- free of the stress imposed on our lives.  Deceptively simple in application,  Golden Ball Qigong can foster profound results in health of body and mind.

This one day workshop includes detailed training of body structure, breath, and focused intention within:

  • A set of cleansing exercises designed to remove physical, emotional, and mental stagnation.  Eliminating unwanted accumulation and making room for the well-being you desire.

  • Qigong designed to cultivate and resupply the reserves of strength, energy, and vitality within the body.  Empower yourself to feel your best.

  • An accessible visual dynamic meditative practice to harmonize, balance, and revitalize the body and mind.                       

This opportunity is open to all skill levels, and to any that have an interest in promoting personal health and wellness.  Beginners are welcome, and individuals with previous experience will be exposed to a greater depth of understanding to enrich their practice.

Preregistration is required as the class size is limited to ensure individualized and detailed instruction.

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